Friday, June 10, 2016

Sailing The Pacific

This is a blog post about a story called Sailing the Pacific, it will have five categories According to Maori, Clouds, Birds, Stars and Ocean Swells. Hope you enjoy!
According to Maori
Kupe the Polynesian voyager found New Zealand around 1000 years ago.
Watching the clouds means that land is near. Sometimes underneath the clouds it would have a hint of a green color.
The birds came out in the morning to feed and return at night. When the Voyagers found the birds they would wait until it was night to go to land.
When the sun rose it came from east and setted in the direction of west. So the voyagers would know wich way was North, East, South and West so they could go the right way back home.
Ocean Swells
When the waves were up and running the voyagers would know if there was land nearby.

Tiger Story

ROARRR!!! “What was that!?” I yell “I better go check it out”. It was day 4 on camp and I was cold, hungry and it was starting to get dark I thought I was going to die!

I grabbed my spear from my backpack that I made out of a stick and a rock and also grabbed my pocket knife, I got out of my bivouac and tiptoed to the sound… ROARRR!!! It, sounded like it was hurt or bruised. I get a stick and a bit of fabric off my shirt. I wrap the fabric around the stick then I put the stick into my firepit that I made, the fire on the stick made me see better in the dark. ROARRR!!! There it is again, I was starting to get petrified as I sneakily look behind one tree. Nothing’s there,  another tree, nothing’s there and last tree nothing’s the- “wait a minute” I look behind the second tree again and there was a big sabertooth tiger trapped in a huge cage.“I thought that they were extinct” I say in amazement. It looked like it got trapped in the cage by looking for food so it found some meat inside the cage, then ate it and the cage door fell so the tiger couldn’t get out because the padlock locked the tiger in.

I get my pocket knife and grabbed the screw so you can open whisky and stuff. I try to pop the lock… POP!! The tiger was free, but it didn’t move. I think I scared it with the pocket knife, so I gently put the pocket knife in my pocket, It stands up and walks out of the cage and jumps on me and gives me a big lick. It was like it was saying thanks in cat language well, something like that.

The tiger jumped off, grabbed a stick and started to write some words on the dirt. “I am your pet now” the tiger wrote “WHAT!!! How is this possible” I scream. The tiger wrote “Jump on my back and then I will show you a little surprise” so I jumped on the tigers back and it ran like the speed of light… SCREECH!!!

The tiger stopped and I was spewing on a frog. I look up… I was home. “Wait a minute that's not my house, what happened since I was gone. The whole town must of had a chemical reaction”. To be countinued.

Cheetah Facts

Shoe Art

Observational Drawing - Shoe Art
Success Criteria:
  • Look at what you are drawing
  • Draw from a real object
  • Don’t trace
  • Use a guideline to make sure your drawing is the right size
  • Keep the outlines light
  • Include detail or leave out detail

What do you like about your observational drawing?
How I put a lot of detail like the squares and the circles.
If you were to do it again what would you change?
Make my shoe bigger in the page.
What was the challenge for you that you found hard?

To get all the designs on the shoe.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sences Poem

I see A creepy house that is going to haunt me.
I smell Zombies guts like puke or diarrhea.
I hear Children's souls crying for help.
I feel The wind punching my face and pushing my stomach.
I taste Dust and dirt Grinding my teeth like sand paper.

I think I am being creeped out by a horrified house.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Camp Omatua 2016


I was kayaking blazing fast down the river!
The Omatua Stew tasted delicious!


Logan N.JPG
I was in my car ready to race off to the finish line
When I was done kayaking down the river I had to stop and walk the kayak back up to where I began.

Time to eat afternoon tea at the river.
When we were watching the movie in our cars Mr Ford dressed up as a waiter and gave the V.I.Ps some sprite SSSHHH! Mr Ford, your being too noisy!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

RWC 2015 England Hakarena

The English rugby player's are worried about losing against us All Blacks, so they made their own haka and made it really stupid and they called it, Hakarena. I think they are trying to challenge or make fun of us. Well, we'll show them who is going to be the RWC 2015 champion!